Our values


mjoDOG was born from the meeting of two overwhelming passions: the infinite love for animals and a strong attitude to fashion. We want to dress the puppies with the same fabrics as our wardrobe.

Elegance, uniqueness, design .... we were the first to create accessories that follow the latest fashion trends allowing our dogs to be as elegant as we are. High quality fabrics, refined leathers, precious small parts, workmanship of the best Italian craftsmanship, this is mjoDOG. But not only that: we wanted to treat each accessory as if it were a jewel, a unique piece to emphasize the love between us and our beloved furry friend, also taking care of safety and practicality, fundamental aspects when it comes to our animals.

mjoDOG is a world apart, a philosophy of life, where elegance and love come together in a unique, fantastic experience ...

                                                                         Cristina, Paolo and ... Grace