Why do dogs bark?

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Why do dogs bark?

When i dogs they bark they intend to communicate a message or emotion. Unfortunately, it often happens that the prolongation of this behavior can be very annoying for the neighbors but also for ourselves. Let's try to understand what the main reasons why they do it and how to remedy it.

Be a dog barks there is always a reason: the act of barking is in fact only a symptom that expresses a need, an emotion or simply the desire to communicate something, let's see the main ones:

  • to draw attention: in this sense guard dogs bark, but also other dogs, when they feel lonely and want some company;
  • to express discomfort: whether it is hunger, thirst or excessive heat, it is an easily understandable bark for the human being;
  • for excitement / frustration: if they want to play but cannot, if there is a cat nearby, if the food is ready and not offered immediately ... in all these situations, dogs bark;
  • because he is afraid: the dog may be afraid of inanimate elements such as objects or places, or of other animals or loud noises, especially sudden ones. When the dog barks because it is afraid, the ears are generally placed backwards and the tail kept low;
  • because he is bored: if the dog remains alone for a long time and fails to adapt to the situation, it may bark;
  • for its territorial and protective instinct: it often happens that dogs bark in the presence of strangers, whether it is other human beings or their own kind. A strongly territorial dog will bark for wanting to defend its territory and its affections;
  • to greet: dogs also bark to greet the owner, or when he sees other people or similar people he knows and with whom he is in confidence. In this case, the four-legged friends will have a relaxed, excited body and a wagging tail;
  • to alarm: it is the case in which the dog barks because it has perceived a noise or a stimulus that has caused it to alarm. In this sense, the dog wants to communicate the presence of a threat;
  • by natural inclination: Small dogs or certain dog breeds, such as Terriers, are more prone to barking.

How to prevent your dog from barking all the time?

The answer in itself would be simple: it is enough to correctly interpret the reasons that push the dog to do so. In reality we often believe we understand why but we respond to an unsolicited stimulus. For example, if the dog barks to play and we give him food, the next time he will bark not only for play, but also for food. It is very important to understand therefore why dogs bark and how to respond to their needs and emotions.

In general, one way to get your dog to stop barking is to distract him with something positive, like a game or a snack, so that his attention is focused on something else and he stops it. Also there reassurance it is a solution that you can choose when you are in front of a dog that barks continuously: in fact, if it is frightened or disturbed, the comfort of the owner will be able to raise his morale, and to make him stop barking. However, if we cannot succeed on our own, the intervention of a veterinarian or behaviorist is required. Only their help can resolve the situation.  

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